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For instructors to have access to creating courses on the platform, they must first create an account on the website by registering and also proceed to register as a teacher.

All instructors must design their courses in such a way that learning becomes easy and straight forward. As such, all courses must contain text, pictures, power point presentation, audio and videos in the right proportions.

All instructors will earn money from any of their courses that is bought and paid for. All payments will be paid into the account of the instructors on a monthly basis. 


All intending students will have to register on the platform for them to be able to access all courses both paid for and free. 

For paid courses, students must make payment for their desired course(s) before they will be able to access such course(s) on our platform.

Online payment can be made securely from our payment partner platform or can be paid directly into our bank account.

For now courses can only be accessed from our website since we do not yet have an app.

All courses will be designed in such a way as to make learning as simple as possible. Each course will include text, PowerPoint presentation, audio and videos.

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